Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Simple is Better

Every month or so, I reinvent our meal plan.  Last week it was to simplify the plan drastically.  So much less thinking involved for me.  So much more freedom for the children.  It actually mirrors changes made in our homeschool.
For breakfast, it's fruit, of course.  Orange juice if I get that done before 9 am.  Lunch contains vegetables and fat.  Afternoon snack is fruit of choice.  Dinner is vegetables and whole grains.  That's the basics.  Nothing is required eating.  Fruit is always an option, and we have lots out and available for little hands.
Speaking of small children, I'm opting for buying small fruits.  I'm tired of finding half eaten huge apples all over the house (despite the "no food outside the kitchen" rule).

We've Come So Far

Sometimes you forget how far you've come.  Then a family gathering, or other food-centered activity reminds you how different you and your family eat compared to "normal", what you used to eat.
I think there's a long line on the spectrum of eating.  I think any steps toward ideal, however you define that, are great steps.  And with perspective, you can see just how far you have come.
As you are trying to move forward, do you do it in leaps or babysteps?  Just last week I was blessed with two perspectives on the same day. 
Original Fast Foods is offering a free download of their new 6 week Daniel's Challenge.  For those with serious health issues or lots of weight to lose, they recommend a 7 day fast and then a raw food diet until optimal health is reached.  Then, you can add back in, in small quantities, cooked whole foods.  That can be quite a challenge for someone not used to eating any fruits and vegetables in their natural state!  But it would create dramatic results.
Annalise at 811Family sent me advise in direct opposition.  She thinks we should move forward in evolving our diet just at the pace our body is comfortable with.  You should only eat as healthy as is comfortable for you.  A slow, gradual transition is more gentle, and you will get slower results.
I think both plans have merit.  The path you choose would depend on your family situation and amount of time you have to devote to diet, emotional health, shopping, and learning a new lifestyle.
As for myself, I'm going with Annalise's plan.  It makes for a happier Mommy.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

First Attempts at Healthier Diet

About ten years ago, I saw a celebrity on a talk show promoting her health makeover book.  I was impressed, bought the book, and tried the diet.  The plan called for fruit in the morning; one apple, one orange, and 1/2 a grapefruit.  No wonder I quit after just a few days, I was starving! 
I think I've overcome the conditioning that it is somehow gluttonous to eat a ton of fruit.  I don't mind eating my fill of bananas! 
Actually, I drink a lot of smoothies, as that's easier for me with a baby in arms.  My current "recipe" is:
1 1/2 cups water
7 bananas
5 romaine lettuce leaves
2 stalks celery
1 1/2 cups frozen fruit (blueberries, mangos, peaches, or whatever)

Monday, March 15, 2010

In the beginning...

I have this memory from high school, over 20 years ago, of a conversation with my mother.  I had heard something about Natural Hygiene and asked her if she knew anything about it.  She said she did, and that one of the components was that you eat just fruit until noon.  I tried it for a few days, having an orange for breakfast.  But of course I couldn't stick with it, because one orange is not enough!  It's all about eating enough fruit to equal the calories you used to eat in a meal. 

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bananas, anyone?

I ordered three cases (40 lbs each) of bananas.  Two of them were supposed to be green.  But they all came in yellow.  Looks like it's time for a visit to Monkey Island!  My husband and I are going to have a contest to see who can eat the most bananas each day.  My goal is at least 30! 
In other news, my hair color is getting lighter, or shinier or something.  It looks different, in a very good way.

Post Edit:  Nutritional Info on Bananas from Nutrition Data
1 banana = 100g, according to my kitchen scale
30 bananas = 2660 calories / 2480 from carbs / 82 grams of fat / 110 grams of protein
93% calories from carbohydrate / 3% from fat / 4% from protein
Vitamin A 40%
Vitamin C 440%
Vitamin B6 560%

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Adrenaline Junkies

Last night my husband and I watched an exciting show.  It was late when we started, and later by the time we finished, about 11:45 pm.  And then I couldn't sleep.  It was after 1 am before I fell asleep.  The same thing happened last week.
What does this have to do with food?  Well, it's all about adrenaline.  Just like excitotoxins in food rev up your body, media does the same thing to your mind.  I stopped reading the news a few months ago, I don't go to movies much anymore, I don't listen to the same music I did even a few years ago, and I don't watch tv, since we cancelled our satellite service last July.  Now, when I do, I it affects me noticeably.
As my diet gets cleaner and more simple, I get a real jolt from things that used to be normal for me - processed foods, refined sugar, and hot, spicy foods.  When I abstain from those, I notice the subtle flavors of natural foods, and truly enjoy them!
The same is true with my leisure activities.  I love the subtleties of classical music.  I enjoy quiet.  I like reading happy things.  And I really enjoy spending hours talking deeply with husband, instead of watching TV with him.
Health is about a lot more than what we put in our mouth.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Not loving acid fruits

I had a great day, yesterday.  80/10/10 raw vegan all day!  I love how I feel eating this way.
My problem is my baby.  He's got a diaper rash and skin eruptions.  My intuition says it's from oranges.  I already know that tomatoes and pineapple don't agree with us (we are a team).  So, I'm cutting out oranges for awhile to see if that helps.
My favorite smoothie right now is bananas with blueberries and celery.  Love it.  I could drink it all day!